TU VOZ ES TU VOTO is a community project by artist Marianne Sadowski that is part of the binational project by artist Adam Han Sifuentes: OFFICIAL/UNOFFICIAL VOTING STATION: VOTING FOR ALL THAT LEGALLY CAN’T

During the month of October 2016, before the US Presidential Elections, I worked with immigrant community members from Plaza de la Raza in Los Angeles creating banners with paint, print and embroidery that expressed important issues for a community that plays an important role in CA economics, yet has no voice or a vote in the elections. These banners were sewn together and wrapped over a wood structure, creating a voting house, where people were invited to cast a "vote" on November 1st, during the Day of the Dead event at Plaza de la Raza, Los Angeles, California. The idea of the house and banners responded to the question: under which roof do you want to live?

All votes from the different stations were counted on November 6th at an event at the Jane Addams Hull House Museum in Chicago.




Slideshow of entire process of Tu voz es tu voto